Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rice Lake Manitoba is alive with gold explorers.

Recent news from several mining and exploration companies clearly demonstrates that the search for new gold has ramped up in the Rice lake Greenstone Belt of Manitoba. Over the last few weeks there have been news releases of new gold discoveries, joint venture exploration projects, diamond drilling projects, mining claim acquisitions and new exploration work taking place throughout the region. At least six different companies have made recent press releases all of which contain exciting news of rejuvenated gold exploration.

The Rice lake region of Southeast Manitoba is an old gold mining camp that has sprung new life. Starting from the original discoveries in the early 1900’s and leading up to the new high grade discoveries being made today, history will show the region to be an important source of gold.

Today’s new Manitoba Gold Rush was triggered when San Gold Corp, a junior exploration and mining company based in Manitoba, reopened the historic San Antonio mine and discovered and put into production two other new mines. The company has had remarkable success at discovering new high grade gold deposits, virtually on the door step of their mine and milling complex, now called the Rice lake mine. Their exploration achievements are many, including discovery of the near surface high grade Hinge Zone and related deposits and rich new ore zones in the historic mine.

San Gold Corp, Strike point Gold, WildCat Exploration, Cougar Minerals, EagleRidge Minerals and Bison Gold have all made recent press releases concerning exploration activities within the region.

With this type of activity the rush appears to be well underway, proving once again that innovative thinking combined with modern tools can help unlock the hidden riches in historic gold camps. Results from the Rice Lake Belt today, closely parallel those obtained during the revitalization of the Red Lake Ontario region that occurred not so long ago. Red lake is home to one of the World’s richest gold mines, the Red lake mine owned by Goldcorp.

Websites of companies active in the Rice lake area with recent press releases.

San Gold Corp

Bison Gold Inc

Cougar Minerals Corp

EagleRidge Minerals Ltd

Wildcat Exploration Ltd

Strike Point Gold Inc.

There are numerous other companies and private individuals actively exploring the region. To all a great good well done!

Lets go out and prospect - Happy Rock Hounding!

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