Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Where there is a Quartz Vein- Is There Gold?

There is a picture at the bottom of this page. It was taken on a newly staked mineral claim in the Rice Lake Greenstone Belt of Manitoba. It's a picture on a vein exposed on the surface in an outcrop on the shoreline of a lake. In that picture I am leaning on a section of that vein. It is composed of Quartz and a few other things. (assays will tell)

We were propecting a section of the property and discovered this. There are not a whole lot of places that you can see a vein this size that is exposed enough to get a real idea of it's size.

That feature was formed as the result of fluids flowing into a good sized crack in the host rock and it seems that it altered the rock into which it formed. There is a shear zone to the left.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Following the Boulder Train

Following the Boulder Train
This book is full of remarkable life histories of legendary prospectors who made fortunes but couldn't take enough time away from bushwhacking to enjoy them and of others who enjoyed them too much, making and losing so many fortunes they can't remember them all. The book offers memorable insights into the driven, obsessed world of mineral exploration and the mining industry in BC.

Editorial Reviews
Miningis BC's second largest industry but you'd never know it to visit any BC bookstore. Books on logging, fishing, and tourism are there in
abundance, but the subject of mining is practically untouched. As Tom
Henry proves beyond a doubt in this lively volume, it is not for any
lack of wonderful stories about the men and women who have been bitten
by the rock-chipping bug over the years. Henry ctually took a course in
exploration geology and experienced first hand the unique way of
looking at the world peculiar to mineral hunters. Every rock is an
"outcrop" with a story to tell about the forces that formed the local
landscape, and what mineral treasures may be hidden beneath.

This and other Gold Prospecting Resource Books can be found here

Note: This isn't a book about propsecting in Manitoba but minerals know NO boundries and this is a great read no matter where you propsect for gold, be it Russia, the Yukon, California, Manitoba, Newfoundland, Nevada or in any other place

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Manitoba Mining Week

This is Provincial Mining Week in Manitoba.

If you are looking to Dig Up Some Fun check out the free activities down at The Forks in Winnipeg. These are activities enjoyed by children and adults alike. It's a real family exploration affair.

Thursday, May 24 (9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.)

Friday, May 25 (9:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)

Saturday, May 26 (9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)

Some of the activities

- Pan for gold with Yukon Dan, champion gold panner – leave no stone unturned as you play prospector for a day

- Stump the Rock Doc – bring a neat rock, talk to the Doc

- Be a rockhound – collect your own fossil and mineral samples

- Check out the equipment used for exploration and extraction of minerals

- See the demos – watch how the experts cut and polish precious stones

- Trace the past – see Manitoba's rich mining history from the 1800s to the present

- Examine mineral samples and the many products you use that contain minerals

- Test your mining I.Q. – spin the wheel, answer a question and win a prize!

- Picture yourself as a mine worker – have CVRD Inco Limited take your photo as a scooptram operator

- Enter free Draws to win prizes

- Talk with experienced prospectors from the Manitoba Prospectors and Developers Association Inc.

and Lots more.

Last year the Provincial Mining Week has a huge success. Thousands of people visited The Forks. For more information contact: 204-945-6569 or toll-free 1-800-223-5215

What a great way to learn about minerals and fossils and have fun at the same time!

Images from Mining Week 2006

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Claim Staking and Prospecting Services

Finding a good claim staking and prospecting crew in Manitoba, that isn't totally booked up, is getting hard. That's why an experienced group has put together a crew offering the following services.

The Group

Central Consolidated Resources (CCR) is a privately owned Manitoba company based in Selkirk. CCR is provides a variety of services to the construction and mineral exploration industries . The company owners and staff have many years experience in general building, leveling - building moving and specialized construction.
CCR has assembled a crew of experience mineral prospectors, bush workers and office staff to provide services to the mineral exploration industry.

Mineral Exploration Industry Services

- Mineral claim staking.
- Claim filing including map - sketches, descriptions and GPS coordinates
- Base and grid Line cutting and setup
- Bush cutting for road or trail access
- Line renewal and picketing – chained, GPS
- Prospecting – rock and soil sampling
- Labor crew and equipment provision
- Job supervision and reporting
- Mineral properties for option or sale

Construction Services

- New building construction and additions - houses, cottages and shops
- Building renovations including lifting, leveling, joist and beam replacement or repair
- Foundation repairs or replacement, new foundations and basements
- Building – house, cottage winterizing – conversions
- Custom building and carpentry services
- Building moving and new site setup
- Remote and rural construction for buildings and camps
- Portable building sales and erecting - fabric or custom built wood – metal structures

Contact Information

Tel: 204-785-9995 Cell: 204-785-0331

Sunday, May 06, 2007

New Canadaian Gold Coin Is Worth $2.4 Million

Are you a Gold Coin collector? A Serious collector?

Then you need to read about this monster.

The Royal Canadian Mint unveiled a welcome addition, on Thursday, a monster gold coin with a face value of C$1 million (U.S. $903,000). The Mint says this is the world's biggest, purest and highest denomination coin.

You can't argue with that! and Don't expect to keep one in your keepsake box unless you have a trunk, this coin weighs 100 kg's (220 lbs) and is the size of an extra large pizza.

Measuring 53 centimetres and over 3 cm thick, the monster coin is also handcrafted showing the Canadian Maple leaf on the face and the words Canada Fine Gold Gold 100kg.

The the new Mint Gold coins are adorned with a maple leaf and boast 99.999 percent purity, a notch above previous purity peaks of 99.99 percent.

"Since the Royal Canadian Mint upped the ante on the rest of the world in 1982, by raising the purity of gold bullion to four nines pure (99.99 percent) other nations have come on the scene ... Austria, the United States, and Australia being the case in point," said mint spokesman Alex Reeves.

What a coin to have. I think that the price of Gold is going to rise much more in the future. What do you think a coin like this would be worth in say 10 years from now? Leave a comment tell me what you think.

News Story

Friday, May 04, 2007

Manitoba Prospecting Rice Lake Greenstore Belt

We took some pictures while prospecting for gold in the Stormy lake area of Manitoba.
The first one is of a hill (cliff) almost fully covered with a sheet of quartz combination.

This is a very interesting formation. There is a vein located at the bottom of the cliff that appears to be part of the same vein exposed on the cliff. The cliff is about 6 meters high and is exposed over near 100 meters. Any thoughts?

The above picture is of an old trench made to expose a vein on the same claim. We took samples and are awaiting assays. Earlier samples (near the trench) from an exposed vein returned over 14 grams per tonne AU.

We are also pleased to announce that we now offer claim staking, line cutting and prospecting services to the mining industry in Manitoba. Recently numerous industry people have told us that such services are hard to obtain due to a shortage of knowledgeable persons willing to do the work.

We have now assembled a crew and equipment and have begun some projects. If you wish to inquire about our services email aquafarms(at) or call 204-785-9995 for information.