Friday, May 04, 2007

Manitoba Prospecting Rice Lake Greenstore Belt

We took some pictures while prospecting for gold in the Stormy lake area of Manitoba.
The first one is of a hill (cliff) almost fully covered with a sheet of quartz combination.

This is a very interesting formation. There is a vein located at the bottom of the cliff that appears to be part of the same vein exposed on the cliff. The cliff is about 6 meters high and is exposed over near 100 meters. Any thoughts?

The above picture is of an old trench made to expose a vein on the same claim. We took samples and are awaiting assays. Earlier samples (near the trench) from an exposed vein returned over 14 grams per tonne AU.

We are also pleased to announce that we now offer claim staking, line cutting and prospecting services to the mining industry in Manitoba. Recently numerous industry people have told us that such services are hard to obtain due to a shortage of knowledgeable persons willing to do the work.

We have now assembled a crew and equipment and have begun some projects. If you wish to inquire about our services email aquafarms(at) or call 204-785-9995 for information.

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