Friday, May 25, 2007

Following the Boulder Train

Following the Boulder Train
This book is full of remarkable life histories of legendary prospectors who made fortunes but couldn't take enough time away from bushwhacking to enjoy them and of others who enjoyed them too much, making and losing so many fortunes they can't remember them all. The book offers memorable insights into the driven, obsessed world of mineral exploration and the mining industry in BC.

Editorial Reviews
Miningis BC's second largest industry but you'd never know it to visit any BC bookstore. Books on logging, fishing, and tourism are there in
abundance, but the subject of mining is practically untouched. As Tom
Henry proves beyond a doubt in this lively volume, it is not for any
lack of wonderful stories about the men and women who have been bitten
by the rock-chipping bug over the years. Henry ctually took a course in
exploration geology and experienced first hand the unique way of
looking at the world peculiar to mineral hunters. Every rock is an
"outcrop" with a story to tell about the forces that formed the local
landscape, and what mineral treasures may be hidden beneath.

This and other Gold Prospecting Resource Books can be found here

Note: This isn't a book about propsecting in Manitoba but minerals know NO boundries and this is a great read no matter where you propsect for gold, be it Russia, the Yukon, California, Manitoba, Newfoundland, Nevada or in any other place

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