Friday, January 22, 2010

Of Gold and Dollars

While browsing on YouTube I happened upon a video that covers the subject of Gold Verses the Us Dollar. The Author says that this is the first of several videos to show what is really happening to the economy of the United States and why the country is in a lot of trouble financially.

Here is the video embedded below. Have a look and of course form your own opinion.

It's early morning here and so far there are some indications that the price of gold may rise some today. Yesterday it was down below the $1200 per ounce mark again. But hey $1200 per ounce isn't so bad if you can get it out of the ground for say less than $600 / oz or lower. Placer and hard rock miners that have good grades and low production costs still stand to do very well producing gold.

Since 2000 gold has risen by near $600 per ounce while the supply seems to have dropped some, that should bode well for the months and years ahead.

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