Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gold and Copper Property For sale

Located in Newfoundland Canada

The Ghost Pond property covers 1325 hectare located in Central Newfoundland and situated on geology of the Roberts Arm Formation, a trend that contains numerous past mines and new advanced exploration projects. 

The Robert’s Arm Group is a Mid-Ordovician marine volcanic, sub volcanic and volcaniclastic succession which can be traced from Notre Dame Bay in the north to the area of Lake Bond in the south.  The Robert’s Arm Group hosts several massive sulphide deposits: Pilley’s Island and Crescent Lake in the north and Gullbridge and Lake Bond in the south. The Buchans Group which is correlative with the Robert’s Arm Group hosts the prolific Buchans, ore bodies.

The Central and Nortre Dame Bay areas of Newfoundland are experiencing heightened exploration and mine development activity. Copper, Zinc, Silver, Gold and Lead are some of the minerals being explored for and mined in the region.
The Ghost Pond property hosts historically know mineral occurrences that have been explored intermittently over the years, by a combination of surface prospecting, stripping - trenching, grab sampling, chip sampling and diamond drilling.  Highlights of selected historic assay work are provided below. 

Best Gold Grab Samples
Up to 19.4 g/t AU and 11.6 g/t AU ( +others)

Best Gold Chip Samples

6.18 g/t Au over 3 meters

5.60 g/t AU over 3 meters

3.54 g/t AU over 3 meters

Best Drilling Samples 
1.74% Cu over 3.5m

1.25% Cu over 3.2m

1.60% Cu over 2.0m

2.93% Cu over 1.23m

1.13% Zn over 1.2m

1.8 g/t Au over 1.0 m

Other Assays Reported 
Include 6.55% Zn, 1.85% Pb, 0.8% Cu and 1.05 opt Ag from samples of yet UN-sourced angular float rock.

For more details contact us using this link

For more details contact us using this link

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