Monday, August 22, 2011

Tawsho Strikes Significant Gold in Newfoundland

"Tawsho Mining is extremely pleased with these results. The level of successful holes with significant gold intersections is very encouraging. Holes number 6 and 8 contained values in excess of 0.58 ounces gold per ton (20 g/t) and 1.38 ounces gold per ton (47.3 g/t) respectively. These higher grades confirm that substantial amounts of gold are being carried in the hydrothermal and metasomatic fluids on the property. Of further significance is the fact that the strong gold showings were encountered at very shallow depths of less than 50 metres. In fact, all significant gold showings were encountered at less than 250 metre depth," stated Dr. Avedesian, CEO.

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johng said...

It is nice to know that there is some nice gold back east. I have mined in Maine but to this date no one has found the source depositing gold into the Swift River. I have a tertiary claim in California and will be working it in two weeks. Estimated at around 360 million in gold but it will take 7-10 million in permits to get it. I will stick with the small scale mining.

Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting. Would be great to have a chat sometime. Let me know how things go with your claims.

johng said...

I will Robert. Going to look at a jaw crusher next week to break up the cemented gravel.Should be a great few months in the woods.