Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Scientists discover bacteria that can make gold out of mine waste

I knew that they would try to find a way to eliminate gold prospectors .Quote from here


Gold prospectors may one day use Petri dishes to help with their quests. A species of bacterium forms nanoscale gold nuggets to help it to grow in toxic solutions of the precious metal, reports a paper published online today in Nature Chemical BiologyLink 

Anyway there are those in the business, like me,  that have a gold deposit and have worked hard to define it, and we should not abandon the ship just yet. This idea is still yet a few clouds off of being real.  No doubt that there is probably someone somewhere that is going to try and build a company around this new dream, and get funding with no real understanding or proof,and has will lots of advertising. 

Reality is if you own the gold .. then you still own it 

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