Thursday, November 22, 2007

Manitoba Mining Convention 2007

This years convention was a great success. While there I met up with old friends and made many new ones. Attendance was up and so was the interest in the minerals and opportunities that Manitoba has to offer.

Most exhibitors that I spoke with all agreed that interest in gold and base metal properties and projects is at an all time high. Convention delegates where in attendance from across Canada and from numerous other countries.

Given the recent run up in gold prices and the continual solid performance of metals, it's no wonder that attendance was up considerably from last year. Add to that the fact that Manitoba is considered number 1 in the world for mining policies, along with the stable political climate it's not hard to determine why mining exploration and development is reaching new levels.

Friday nights gala affair was indeed a highlight event, with a splendid meal, great entertainment and an atmosphere of excitement.

Thanks to all that helped to make it a convention to remember.

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