Friday, December 07, 2007

All about Gold Exploration Staking Mining Claims and The Flies

The prospector has always been the work horse for mineral exploration. Both in yesterday and today. Prospectors were and still are the men and women that are in the field locating the ground that looks promising for mineral deposits .

Be it staking a mining claim, blazing a path for others to follow or cracking the rocks to find the secrets contained, prospectors do the backbone work and help to reveal the mineral worth of our mother earth.

The prospectors of the past worked hard for the opportunity to benefit from their months of isolation and hardships. Hardships they encountered by working in areas of the country that were uncharted or at best isolated and unmapped and without rapid transportation.

Those folks used canoes, dog teams, and walking, traveling many miles to explore the vast reaches of our country. The goal was to find minerals. Some lived to see “their find” become a mine, others were not so lucky.

In Canada and Manitoba of the past many a prospector left a town, rail link or trail, armed with pack sack, a grubstake and the ambition to go out in the bush and search for the next new discovery. They went into areas of our country that were wilderness, unexplored, uncharted and undiscovered. They went with iron well and determination.

Much of what those pioneers worked to achieve was ground breaking and instrumental at the time, and resulted in the finding of “the riches mines in history”

Today the modern prospector can utilize new technologies like GPS navigation, satellite mapping, in field communication, and other technologies, along with ATV”s, Snow sleds, Swamp buggies, helicopters and numerous other forms of transportation, to get were you need to be.

Here is a Video clip about flies. Every prospector past, present and future has had to live with the flies!

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