Friday, April 30, 2010

The Canadian Gold Exploration Hotspot is Manitoba

The first question that comes to mind with a headline like this one is - Why should Manitoba be seen as a Hotspot for Gold Exploration in Canada? The answer can be found by doing a little due diligence on the area and in review of recent news from companies exploring in the province.

Over the last couple of years there have been numerous announcements of the high grade gold discoveries being made in Manitoba. Some of these new discoveries and the resulting ramp up in exploration in the Rice Lake Gold Camp was presented in the recent gold search post titled  Gold in Manitoba - New gold camp emerging in the Rice Lake area

These recent gold discoveries due to their grade, size and frequency have "in my opinion" placed Manitoba among a select group of gold exploration camps (areas) in Canada and perhaps even worldwide. Most of these new discoveries have been made by one company, San Gold Corporation, and it can be said that they have nearly single handed been responsible for the rejuvenated gold exploration in region. The discoveries are large, high grade and more importantly they continue to be made.

The result of announcements of new high grade gold discoveries is that there has been a sizable increase in the number of companies now involved in gold exploration in Manitoba, there is a marked increase in the amount of exploration dollars being spent in the area, while there has been a recent increase in demand for mineral claims.

In recent times there have also been many news releases made by exploration companies relating to the acquisition of  new or additional mineral properties in the province and numerous companies have now "locked up" prospective ground in the Rice Lake Gold Camp and other areas of Manitoba.

As the manager of a Prospecting and Exploration Service Company I can report that we have also witnessed  an increased interest in acquiring mineral properties and prospecting services from numerous exploration companies.

Once we wade through recent news and begin to understand the significance I feel that it isn't a long shot to think that Manitoba is a gold exploration hotpot.

Happy Prospecting!

This post was made at by Robert Freeman

About the author: Robert Freeman is a full time professional prospector with over 20 years direct hands on experience in the field. He manages a  prospecting and exploration company which provides mineral claims, mineral claim staking, prospecting services, field and logistical services, along with consulting property management and acquisition services to the mining industry. He founded or played a key role in the formation of several exploration companies and has created mineral exploration land packages in numerous regions of Canada for both public and private companies.


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