Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trading in Gold and Silver

When we think about trading in gold and silver today we usually think about the buying and selling of these metals for investment purposes in a regulated exchange setting and/or hopefully profits from stocks in mining companies etc. but not for the purchase of every day items like groceries

In years gone by gold and silver were often traded for other goods and services including food and drink. If Joe citizen had beef Jane citizen could bring in some silver and get a nice beef roast.

With the concern in financial markets, rising unemployment, government over spending, inflation and currency devaluation of recent times, people are looking for alternative means for trade in their everyday life. I often wondered when we would see the rebirth of trading gold and silver for everyday goods and necessities.

The video below makes me think that the rebirth of direct trading with gold and silver may have started

First Grocery Stores Begin To Accept Silver

Happy Prospecting and Happy Trading!

This post was made at by Robert Freeman

About the author: Robert Freeman is a full time professional prospector with over 20 years direct hands on experience in the field. He manages a  prospecting and exploration company which provides mineral claims, mineral claim staking, prospecting services, field and logistical services, along with consulting property management and acquisition services to the mining industry. He founded or played a key role in the formation of several exploration companies and has created mineral exploration land packages in numerous regions of Canada for both public and private companies.

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