Saturday, December 07, 2013

Gold Prospects in Newfoundland

Over the last year there have been many news releases of new gold discoveries and advanced exploration results from companies and prospectors working in Newfoundland and Labrador Canada. These announcements fully support the view and beliefs that many people have held and thought for years - "There is great potential for the discovery of new gold deposits in the province".

Exploration and prospecting continues in many areas of the province, this work that is being undertaken by Junior exploration companies and also individual prospectors. The effort is paying off for many prospectors and companies alike!

Over that last few years more than one company has conducted exploration work that resulted in several muti-million once in situ gold deposits being discovered. These deposits at the time of writing, continue to be expanded with solid results occurring on a regular basis.

Even considering the down turn of the stock market and the reduction of gold prices below historic highs, it is still an exciting time and worthy endeavour to explore for gold in Newfoundland.

What is of equal importance to prospectors is that most of these discoveries have come about as a result of applying new thinking and geological modeling when planning and conducting exploration work especially when reviewing historically known gold occurrences.

I recently did some work on one of my claims that had past sampling, geo mapping, geophysical surveys and prospecting results up to 19.5 grams per tonne gold. Using a fresh line of thinking we obtained grab sample results up to 45 grams per tonne outside the historic area of stripping and a non-selective channel chip sample of 5.95 grams per tonne over 6.5 meters that included nondescript rock, alteration areas and one spot of visible gold.

An example of a NL gold press release ...

Quality Mineral Properties available in Newfoundland and Labrador! 

There is opportunity out there Happy prospecting and safe travels. 

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